Interview: Cocked and Loaded with Semi Precious Weapons


Like classic rock and roll, CBGB may only hold remnants of its past, but seeing Semi Precious Weapons in the “birthplace of punk” was like re-living an ethereal memory that others have only written about. We caught their performance earlier this month at John Varvatos’ monthly Thursday Nite Live party.  While there is no comparison between the John Varvatos store to CBGB, the space stays true to the location that once served as the mecca of punk. Perhaps those days are gone, but with music acts gracing the stage once again, a piece of CBGB can live on through its new occupant.

If Varvatos replacing CBGB is an example of how punk has risen from its former grungy underground scene to glamour and fashion, then there is no better example than the Semi Precious Weapons. Even more fitting of what may arise from Glam-Rock, the group is a great representation of the louche compendium that punk culture has evolved into.

Their music, which lead Singer Justin Tranter describes as, “Rock n Roll. Simple,” is brought to life in their performance. Whether he’s changing his outfit in front of the audience or screaming, “I hope you all get laid,” Justin Tranter’s presence is nothing short of mesmerizing (in high heels, no less). With a fan base that includes Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton, Semi Precious Weapons are off to a promising start.

Read the full interview and watch their unplugged version of “Rock n Roll Never Looked So Beautiful” after the jump.  Semi Precious Weapons will be back in NYC on September 16 as part of the Perez Hilton Presents tour, which also features Ladyhawke, Ida Maria and Frankmusik. Click here to see Kenroy George’s photos of Semi Precious Weapons at the John Varvatos store.

Semi Precious Weapons – Rock’n'Roll Never Looked So Beautiful (unplugged)

INTERVIEW with Justin Tranter and the Semi Precious Weapons

How would you describe your music and what are the intentions behind it?
Rock N’ Roll. Simple. The intentions are to make you (the listener) and me (the singer) feel much better about you and yourself, and hopefully get some people laid.

What is behind the semi precious weapons?
A big hot pink strap on worn by a real female stripper wearing silicone. And my mom.

You play on sexuality, how does it heighten or add to what you do? - whether in performance or lyrically.
I’m not playing on anything. This is all real. Sad but true. I love you.

Collectively, the members of your group is talented, how did you guys come together? When did it all click for you?
Well thank you so so so much. We are a pretty fabulous collection of people. We met at music school. Gorgeous. We moved to NYC together.

Which school did you guys meet at?
We met at Berklee College of Music

Where did you grow up? What is your New York City story?
Chicago for Justin. Virginia for Cole Whittle. Chicago for Stevy Pyne. Boston for Dan Crean. Our NYC story is we moved here to make music and realized we needed to move here to make Rock N’ Roll.

What’s next for the Semi Precious Weapons?
International super stardom and bringing Rock N’ Roll back to mainstream radio and TV.




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