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Photo Gallery: Que Bajo at Santos Party House (January 27, 2011)

To say that Uproot Andy and Geko Jones brought the heat to Que Bajo?! at Santos Party House on Thursday night would be an understatement – the place was on fire.


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Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder Take Over BBC Airways with Live Jam Sessions and New Tunes

In Benji B’s absence, the Brainfeeder crew stopped by Flying Lotus’ LA living room for a jam session on BBC’s Radio One. Matthew David, TOKiMONSTA, Teebs and Samiyam deliver some spaced out DJ sets while FlyLo, Thudercat and Austin Peralta jam out two live impromtu sessions. If this isn’t enough to get your ears jumping, FlyLo drops two previously unreleased cuts from Warp, “Wax” and “Mcrr”. Listen below and check out the full lineup and tracklist after the jump.

Flying Lotus Brainfeeder Special [1.27.11]
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Spring Festival Round-Up: SXSW, Ultra, Coachella and More

As we continue to endure this brutally cold weather, thoughts of spring – and the wonderful slew of music festivals it brings – certainly help lift our frigid spirits. After the jump, we break down the spring’s hottest festivals – whether you’re looking to travel (Snow Ball, SXSW, Ultra, Coachella), stay local (Hard Weekend, Bamboozle), or really go all-out for our wild card selection (SonarSound Tokyo) – you’re bound to find something to combat the winter blues… click through for more.

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Ben Watt Takes Cielo Deeper

Ever since I first moved to New York, Cielo has been one of my favorite nighttime destinations, not only due to the Funktion One system and sleek aesthetics, but because the artists that are booked there represent the highest standard of electronic musicianship, and they in turn draw out the best of the city’s audiophiles. This past Thursday was no exception, with Giant Step bringing Ben Watt in to make the sunken dancefloor pulsate to his particular brand of deep house. Local favorites Sleepy & Boo started the night off right with a stellar set of deep house tunes, warming up the eager crowd’s ears and bodies, as everyone quickly realized no one was leaving early that night.

Ben Watt settled in around 1am, gazing from piercing blue eyes out over the glass barrier before the DJ booth, and onto the room that was packed wall to wall with upturned faces and hands in the air. His set was exemplary of his long and successful career, as a musician, songwriter, producer, DJ, and label owner. The progression of his set and the choices he made in his track selections, while encouraging movement on the floor, was also wise and insightful, demonstrating his far-reaching understanding of music across many genres, as well as his bountiful experience in and around the industry.

It was an honor and a privilege to, if only for a few hours, cross paths with such a prolific and visionary man; an true artist in a time when so many have forgotten their integrity and let creativity and progress take a back seat to fame and financial glory. I can only hope that more artists will follow in his footsteps, and turn their careers into meaningful contributions to the development of music.

Check out the full photo gallery HERE.

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Contest: Win Tickets to Dark Disco This Saturday

It’s that time again! Meanred’s Dark Disco is back this Saturday January 29th, and I couldn’t be more excited. This time, the merriment will take place at multi-level, subterranean Hell’s Kitchen space Good Units, which is sure to lend itself perfectly to the vibe of the event because hey, what’s darker than being underground at night? It’s no secret that we over at The HiFi Cartel are massive Ikonika fans, but if that’s not reason enough to attend, the lineup features Blaqstarr performing live, as well as sets from Jakwob, Tittsworth, Falty DL, and Redfoxx.

Ikonika is a UK-based electronic musician, producer and DJ often associated with Hyperdub Records and the Dubstep genre.Ikonika’s music combines melodic synth patterns, driving drums, melancholic sub bass and unorthodox song structures. She was described by The Observer as “a rare female face in the male-dominated world of dubstep, Ikonika melds the genre’s juddering bass with Aphex Twin-style melodic mischief-making.”

Blaqstarr is a crafty producer and a unique vocalist — his beats hit hard but leave plenty of room for mind-altering textures, while his voice carries a high-pitched, practically atmospheric, rough-hewn elegance. He gained a lot of recognition for his contribution to M.I.A.’s 2007 album, but he had already been well-established in his base of Baltimore, with productions notched on Young Leek’s “Jiggle It” and D.O.G.’s “Ryda Girl,” along with his own “Tote It” and “Feel It in the Air” — tracks that filled up Baltimore’s airwaves.

Jakwob first came to acclaim via some major appreciation in the blog world for his bootleg of Ellie Goulding’s ‘Starry Eyed’ and bolstered such support with his remix of ‘Under The Sheets.’ He’s since gone on to remix the likes of Empire Of The Sun, Temper Trap and Penguin Prison as well as the likes of Audio Bullies, Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip and I Blame Coco. Jakwob is a multi-instrumentalist, which goes a long way in explaining his style, transcending genres and combining elements of dub step, electro, ghetto-tech and break-beat (to name a few). This eclecticism also manifests itself in Jakwob’s DJ sets, which take in dub, hip-hop, drum and bass, dub step and beyond.

Representing club music from the U.S. Capital, Tittsworth continuously dominates crowds with his signature blend of energetic dance music.From URB and XLR8R to NME and Fader, his production continues to gain equally high praise. Titts music is a permanent fixture in blogs, charts and DJ sets. He has been asked to remix pop icon Kanye West, disco legend Grace Jones, D&B front runner Subfocus, Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label and AC Slater’s Party Like Us Records to name a few.

New York City’s Falty DL ia making garage ‘n stuff with his hands. He crafts nostalgic tracks immersed in the old New York and Chicago sound, yet creating a more subtle futuristic Big Apple version mashing together influences from hip hop, dubstep, garage, soul, jungle and electronica, thereby creating his own unique sound.

Get pumped with this awesome mix that Ikonika put together for FACT Magazine in November 2010.

Check out photos from December’s edition of Dark Disco HERE.

We’ve got two tickets to give away to one lucky winner! Just fill out the form below to enter.

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Next Week: Trouble & Bass Ground Hog Day Get Down w/ the Bad Lupo Brothers

Get ready to get down with the Bad Lupo Brothers next Wednesday, February 2, when Trouble & Bass hosts a very special event at Liberty Hall in the Ace Hotel in honor of Ground Hog Day. Why so special? Well, for starters, the Bad Lupo Brothers, which consists of 2 secret members of the T&B crew, will be taking us back with an oldies set. Expect Rockabilly, Motown, Jive, Doo-Wop, and much more. If you were at the “Hot As Hell” release party last Halloween, then you know how well the T&B crew does Rockabilly. And if you weren’t, then we highly recommend that you come by and see for yourself.

It’s a free party, all you have to do is show up. What else could you possibly want? How about a Trouble & Bass tote bag filled with all kinds of T&B goodies, including a t-shirt, stickers, and a Bad Lupo 7″? Enter to win after the jump, the winner will be notified by email and can pick up the gift bag at the party.

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Win Tickets to Que Bajo?! this Thursday at Santos Party House

This Thursday, Que Bajo?! will return to Santos Party House to give us a much needed dose of the tropics. Fresh off their Paper Mag nomination for Best Party of the Year, Que Bajo?! is back and bigger than ever. Resident DJs Uproot Andy and Geko Jones will be joined by Munchi, the 19-year-old Dominican wonderkid from Rotterdam.

Preview some tunes HERE, and be sure to click through for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the event… good luck!

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Photo Gallery: Worldwide Smash Anniversary Party at Tammany Hall (January 18, 2011)

While the horrifically disgusting weather that took over our fair city deterred many an otherwise adventurous soul from venturing outside of their apartments, I personally don’t see any better way to beat the winter blues than some good tunes and cheerful company. So, we braved the puddles of semi-frozen black slush and made our way to Tammany Hall, formerly The Annex, where East Village Radio was throwing an anniversary party in honor of their show Worldwide Smash.

DJ Still Life who hosts Worldwide Smash started the night out, followed by Jojo Mayer + Nerve who performed using live instruments, with the central focus being centered on the drums. Their performance was fascinating, as they essentially deconstructed electronic music and then proceeded to piece the beats back together using live instruments. Rather than music that has traditionally been created using instruments being constructed using computers, which is common these days, this presented the opposite – computer music on instruments. After this Shigeto took the stage, playing a subdued set of his sophisticated and temperamental sound, combining classic elements of UK funky and house with more jazzy and ambient tendancies. Matt Shadetek was up next, followed by a second performance from Jojo Mayer + Nerve, whose second set was so powerful it spurned one guy into dancing his clothes off to the tune of resounding cheers from the crowd. Jubilee closed out the night with a typically awesome variety of bass music, with an attendee even referring to her as “this bad-ass pint size bottle rocket”. Not bad for a typical Tuesday in January. Next week? Keep the street slush away and the good tunes coming.

CLICK TO VIEW ALL THE PHOTOS plus have a peak at Nerve recoding in the studio after the jump.
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Photo Gallery: Flashing Lights with Uproot Andy at Public Assembly (January 15, 2011)

The first Flashing Lights of the 2011 brings Que Bajo’s Uproot Andy to the decks at Public Assembly.


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California Moves Forward with Anti-Rave Legislation

I went to my first rave when I was 16. As a teenager growing up in Orange County, all I wanted was a respite from the endless parade of beach parties, the masses of identically pleasant looking inhabitants, the uninspiring AP classes, and the rotation of the same mix CD consisting of Bob Marley, Sublime, and Tupac that every single person seemed to have made. My discovery of electronic music was the natural progression of my evolution as an audiophile, but also presented a new and thrilling world that was, above all else, something entirely different. I followed this new concept of computer music until it’s pulse became my heartbeat, and suddenly I was plugged in to an entire new community of kids just like me; kids who were tired of hanging out at the taco joint, tired of wearing Abercrombie and Rainbows, tired of smoking pot in someone’s garage and discussing which boy in AP US History was the cutest. We found each other on the internet, in forums and chatrooms, and on the streets using the 4×4 as our beacon – a secret language where we communicated with our bodies and our hearts, across race, gender, age, and economic background.

Through raves we created our own worlds, an environment free from the constraints of everyday life, where we could experience an overwhelming sensation of unity, as if our pounding basslines and stomping feet were sending signals all around the world – you are not alone. Brother, sister, I am here with you, and Mother Earth will protect us and we will protect each other, and together we will experience a life worth living. I experienced the aforementioned first rave as something akin to a baptism. I grabbed a friend, a car, a neon top, the secret location scrawled on a post-it and a map to San Bernadino and hit the road to the tune of poorly ripped techno on a burned CD. The experience of entering that field, of wandering between warehouses, of learning the difference between drum & bass, hard house, and trance, is impossible to put into words. But above all else, it was the dancing – dancing with complete abandon, in silly costumes, in the middle of the empty pathway, in the crowd in front of the speaker, in line for the bathroom, alone, with others, unrelenting and primal and free. I was changed.

Many say that the nature of the rave has altered in recent years, and to a certain extent I would agree. If you use the term “rave” loosely, the experience of the event has become heavily commercialized, with large event companies seeing opportunity to turn a gargantuan profit due to the scarcity of such large events in a place like California and therefore the scale on which they operate. I have been to my fair share of what are referred to as “massives” in Los Angeles, where thousands upon thousands of people are herded into a gigantic sports arena, tickets are $60+, water is $7 for a small bottle, and police guard all the exits, which are few and nearly impossible to get to. It is not surprising that tragedies have happened in such situations, where the venue is overcapacity, water is too expensive to drink, and it takes nearly an hour to get from the dancefloor to the exit. Drug usage, which could under different circumstances be relatively safe and responsible, becomes a huge problem, with partygoers overheating due to dehydration and too many bodies too close.

This recent issues that have arisen with such events are not issues that stem from the inherent nature of the rave, but the greed and lack of preparation on the part of the companies who have been orchestrating these parties. It is entirely unjust to punish the attendants for mistakes that are clearly the fault of the promoters, which is precisely what the new Anti-Rave legislation will do. Assembly Bill AB 74 prohibits the conducting of “a public event at night that includes prerecorded music and lasts more than 3 1/2 hours”. This essentially prevents any musical gathering from taking place, aside from those in established bars or clubs, most of which are only available to those aged 21 and up. Although there were rumors of the bill being put to rest, these have been quieted after San Francisco Democrat Fiona Ma issued a statement on Tuesday the 4th that the bill is in fact moving forward, though it may take up to 9 months.

While I understand the sentiment behind the passing of such legislation, it is entirely reactionary and unwarranted. Banning such events is only going to force them underground, which is turn will mean higher risk for attendants who will be forced to sneak around the law. These events will now take place in entirely uncontrolled environments, probably far away from civilization (including hospitals and police), where safety and security will be minimal at best. the logical steps to take would seem to be capping ticket sales at a lower capacity, increasing the water and food supply, setting an age restriction of 16 or so, and ensuring that the venues selected are easy to navigate with multiple exits. Instead, the state is electing to outright ban all such events, which will only create increased hostility towards authority and an accompanying desire to ignore the law and rebel.

The struggle of freedom and choice against the confines of what we are told, and often forced, to do is one that has been present since humankind established community, and we must fight on to preserve our right to individual expression. I suppose I can only hope that the giant heartbeat of the culture will pound on, and that we as members of that culture will remember to take care of each other and of ourselves.

Peace / Love / Unity / Respect

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