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Photo Gallery: Jamie xx, Sepalcure and Creep at Le Poisson Rouge (February 22, 2011)

Last Tuesday, Jamie xx, Sepalcure and Creep each brought their own unique brand of electronic music to the newly rearranged Le Poisson Rouge. Creep started out the night right with their deeper and more sultry sound, coaxing the crowd onto the dance floor. Sepalcure took over afterwards and turned up the intensity with their set, which maintained a marked techno and acid vibe throughout. Finally, Jamie xx, who has been growing exponentially in reputation this past year, played a bass heavy set that spoke to an increased understanding, or wisdom if you will, concerning his foray into electronic music.


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Flashing Lights Brought Douster’s Afro-Latin Bass Blast to Brooklyn

It’s Friday Night and we arrive at Public Assembly shortly after midnight.  Breezing past the bouncer out of the cold, windswept waste of N6th and into the musty, cavernous warmth of PA, it felt like a good time to be showing up to a party—especially a Flashing Lights throw-down featuring Mad Decent beat-smith and pan-global party-starter Douster.  Straight to the back room, past the gate and through the door and…where the fuck are all the people?  Residents Dj Ayres and Nick Catchdubs were at the decks pumping out a mish-mash mix of big name house, hip-hop, a little dubstep—anything and everything to get people warmed up and moving.  The only problem being that the room was far from full.  Outside of two raver girls pulling cartwheels and break-dance moves straight out of Electric Boogaloo, the dance floor was sedate.  Maybe people were home making seven-layer dip for their Oscar parties.  Whatever.  We were there to party, and the dudes on the tables delivered.

Around 1:30, with the room slightly more full, Douster took the stage and kicked out a mind-blowing, continent-hopping Afro-cumbia set.  Hailing from Lyon by way of Buenos Aires, the man’s sound casts a big net.  He layered trance synth buildups underneath propulsive Latin and West African percussion.   The bass bounced and croaked, and the ravey synths swept in and out and gave way to 8bit bleeps while feverish drums, handclaps and whistles beat time. He pulled tracks from all over the place—new cumbia, kuduro, dancehall.  Remixes included a bubbling, two-step workout of Major Lazer’s “Hold the Line”.  This is new world order music that would sound just as natural blasting out of tinny speakers in the favela, the massive sound system of an Ibiza mega-club, or here in a dank back-room in Brooklyn.  Douster took us on a non-stop journey, pausing with each track to add a new layer—a new flavor to the mix.  His transitions were so smooth that they felt nonexistent. The music just flowed from one place to another, hopping borders, styles—hop, bounce, skip, jump, step, and stomp.

The only drawback on the night was the crowd, or lack thereof. Douster’s multi-culti dance party should be shaking rumps and kicking up dust wall-to-wall, country to country, so the spare crowd was a bit of a buzz-kill and also cause for surprise.  Step your game up NYC. Flashing Lights is bringing the beats and you need to bring the bodies.

If you want to be in know regarding all things Douster, take a look at his artist page over at Mad Decent and, for a taste of this mad scientist’s mixology, check out this tape he put together for Fader HERE.

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Flashing Lights is Back Again with Douster

This Friday February 25, Flashing Lights returns to Public Assembly with another edition of their infamous party! This time around, Douster joins the usual crew DJ Ayres, Nick Catchdubs, and Jubilee, for a night that’s sure to be filled with awesome beats and good times, not to mention more than enough rave juice.

Youthful French producer and ZZK Records compatriot Douster has been making a splash with his clubby European take on the various tropical rhythms (and riddims) emerging from around the globe. Whether it be dancehall or kuduro, cumbia or UK funky, Douster can be counted on to deliver an uptempo, chopped-and-sliced dancefloor filler.

Check out this brand new tour mix that he just did for The Fader to get you pumped!

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TONIGHT: The Creators Project Returns to NYC

The Creators Project launch party last June was arguably the most epic event we’ve ever attended, so imagine our delight when we learned that they’re kicking off year two with an event tonight.

Tonight’s event will not only celebrate the start of a new year of creativity, it will also launch The Studio, an arts initiative that will facilitate the production and dissemination of art through creative grants. CLICK HERE TO RSVP for the event, which will feature “special guest performances” and complimentary food and drinks. No artists have been announced, but we have full confidence in The Creators Project’s taste.

And if that weren’t enough excitement for one day, a little exploration through The Creators Project website revealed that they will be setting up shop in France this June, first in Lyon from June 1-5, then in Paris from June 8-11. Could this be the rebirth of the Salon de Paris? Be still, our hearts.

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Planet E Brings Detroit Techno to District 36

Super music nerd that I am, I’ve recently been spending my nights off teaching myself the entire history of electronic music (because who doesn’t want to spend hours reading about the TB-303). I’ve always experienced a certain feeling of nostalgia for a time that I never knew; I feeling that I arrived in this world just the tiniest bit too late to have the thorough understanding of the inception of the electronic sound that accompanied being a young adult in the 80′s and 90′s. This feeling, paired with my natural tendencies toward academia and scholarly pursuits, has essentially meant that I’ve been, through the study of texts and the experience of the music itself, giving myself a degree in electronic music.

I’ve recently, due to a currently fascination with techno and the state of the electronic movement in the early 90′s, found myself immersed in the sounds of Detroit techno, which was after all the epicenter of electronic music when it first began gathering steam in the United States. Imagine my joy then, when I put down my reading and checked my email, only to find this event beckoning to me. Carl Craig, Derrick May, Paul Woolford, and local favorites Sleepy & Boo all together in one night on District 36′s sky high sound soundsystem? Yes please!

I was not disappointed. District 36 boomed with the best of cutting edge techno and house, as well as older cuts that hearkened back to the roots of the sound. Carl Craig in particular absolutely killed it, building his set as the night went on, until he was dropping some seriously wicked acid house at around 3am. While the newer strains of electronic music and young up and coming DJs and producers are exciting to follow for their innovation and fresh ideas, there is truly nothing like hearing a master at work, and Carl Craig is just such as master.

Check out the full photo gallery HERE.

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Lindstrøm Brings a Taste of Scandinavia to NYC

I first became aware of Lindstrøm my first year at university, back when his collaboration with Prins Thomas was at its peak. After leaving my jacket at a boy’s house, I had it returned to me the next day with a big smile and a space disco mix CD in the pocket. To be fair, my original perception of Lindstrøm’s sound might have been a bit skewed due to the lovely circumstances around which I acquired his music. However, I’ve kept listening ever since, watching him cease his work with Prins Thomas and develop his project with Christabelle. However, it has always been his solo work that has truly interested me, as I feel and have always felt that this is where he always himself the most creative freedom; where his voice is heard the most clearly. It is also in his solo work where, as a Scandinavian myself, I can hear the influence of his place of upbringing – the combination of the cool and modern sounds that technology has ushered in combined with the echoes of misty forests, the warmth of small basement bars during the icy winter, and the intimacy of everything just being a bit smaller.

I was curious to see which direction he would take his set in last Thursday at Santos Party House, as the more melodic strains of space disco are not necessarily what New York City clubkids are accustomed to. As I expected, his set began with fairly straightforward modern house tunes, continuing the momentum that JDH & Dave P had built through their opening set. However, he consistently maintained the connection to his roots as an electronic “composer,” with his set becoming increasingly melodic and meandering as the night went on. While he kept his selections danceable, he seemed to allow himself to step back into his space disco sensibilities a bit more as the hour grew later, as if he had to win the crowd over first with a more traditional beat before he introduced his more individual sound. Lindstrøm dropped both “I Feel Space” and “Another Station” later in the night, two of my personal favorites of his older productions, which were both more than well received by the crowd.

Check out the full photo gallery HERE.

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Dark Disco is Back Again This Saturday

This Saturday, Dark Disco is back at Good Units once again, this time with a lineup that’s sure to inspire some serious debauchery. Although the artists featured this week are varied in their musical productions, they have all pushed the envelop of what electronic music is understood to be, each in their own individual way.

Toronto native Merrill Nisker, better known as Peaches, is an electroclash artist whose songs are mainly focused on sexuality. She lives and works in Berlin. She plays almost all the instruments for her songs, programs her own electronic beats, and produces her records. Peaches’ music is preoccupied with gender identity. Her lyrics and live shows self-consciously blur the distinction between male and female: she appears on the cover of her second album Fatherfucker with a full beard. Peaches is a state of mind as much as she is an artist. Essentially, Peaches is a revelation — an embodiment of sexual freedom, a damnation of gendered and lookist labels, and an admirable nasty attitude.

Creep are two girls from Brooklyn making sexy and spectral trip-hop that sounds like the soundtrack to an unearthly porno. Composed of producers/DJs Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard, the duo are calling in acts such as The xx and Nina Sky to sweeten their sinister soundscapes. Though they’ve been acting primarily as producers, Creep will soon be a full on band, using heavy visuals in their live performances.

Saheer Umar, together with Olivier Spencer, is one half of the infamous duo House of House. House Of House was formed to inject a grandiose and soul-searing bit of drama onto the dance floor, a lost element that made legends of the great clubs of yesteryear. They have been influenced by the classic sounds of New York and New Jersey Deep House, seminal Techno outfits like Basic Channel and Underground Resistance and the soulful sounds of Imagination, Womack and Sade.

Relatively new to the scene, Rinsed combines some of the best upcoming drum & bass talent in the Midlands area. Promoted by Wizzdom and Jonty, Rinsed holds regular drum & bass nights at The Caddyshack, Whitchurch aswell as supporting many other promoters in the area.

Advanced tickets can be purchased HERE.

Check out photos from the last Dark Disco HERE.

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Black Milk Takes SOB’s to Detroit for a Night

SOB’s felt more like Detroit’s St. Andrew’s Hall last Thursday night. Concert goers were musically transported from SOB’s lower Manhattan digs to downtown Detroit for a few hours, and judging by the crowd that filled the venue, it was a welcome aural trip. Between the show’s openers (DJ House Shoes and Danny Brown), the J. Dilla tributes, and of course headliner Black Milk’s set, you would have thought you were in the legendary Detroit live music venue. Detroit was certainly well represented, including popular Detroit R&B singer Dwele in the audience!

The show began with an extensive J.Dilla tribute set by legendary Detroit DJ House Shoes and a set by Danny Brown. DJ House Shoes even took requests for classic Dilla records from the crowd, which included such classics as De La Soul’s “The Stakes is High.”

Coming off of an extensive world tour that has taken him throughout Europe, Austrailia, New Zealand and Canada, Black Milk played this show as the second on the U.S. leg of his tour. Black and his amazing band (Daru Jones – drums, AB – keys, Malik A. Hunter – bass guitar) seemed to bring the energy, chemistry and precision developed during the previous 3 ½ months of touring to the stage that night. You could almost feel the passion and hard work that was poured into each track. Black opened with “365,” the biographical opener to his most recent album, Album of the Year.” He performed a variety of tracks featured on Album of the Year, Tronic (2008) and Popular Demand (2007).

It’s fair to say that New York City welcomed Black Milk as if it were his home city of Detroit and did not want to let go. The crowd chanted for an encore and Black Milk delivered, with a tribute to Detroit hip hop and the late, great, J. Dilla. To see what else Black Milk is up to, check out his site HERE.

Check out the full gallery of photos from the night HERE.

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Luvstep Tour Sets Public Assembly Aflame

Shortly before Midnight on Saturday, Dillon Francis stepped up to the decks in Public Assembly’s back room and kicked off a lesson in mixing with a slew of moombahton tracks.  The house-tinged tunes got the crowd moving in time to a marching, reggaeton beat.  The dancing was hesitant until Francis cut the sound to announce the end of the moombahton experiment and the beginning of his dub set.  Laying new productions and exclusives side by side with British dubstep anthems like Rusko’s “Cockney Thug”, Francis put together a set long on originality and song-craft.  His drops were precise, and the bass powerful.  Francis puts together real songs, rather than tweaking out to rapid-fire bass blasts.  His dubstep has melody and his mixes are more than a string of build-ups and bass drops.

With one final bass-rattling banger, Francis yielded the stage to Flufftronix and Dirty South Joe.  The opening set established the tone, and left the Luvstep duo to finish teaching the lesson Francis had begun.  Their set was beyond tight.  They dropped bomb after bomb without ever losing the thread of the mix.  The set was cohesive.  Everything flowed.  Emalkay, Caspa, Magnetic Man—the Luvsteppers piled up the hits, but made each track their own.  If dubstep has a canon, then these two have it down.  They also have an ear for hooks, and their music weds gorgeous vocal samples with deep-space echoing bass rips.  “Luvstep” is rich, full music that belies the spare, glitchy beats that spawned the genre.  If “Luvstep 2”—the new mix dropping on Valentine’s Day—holds up to Flufftronix and Dirty South Joe’s live set, they could end up creating a dubstep mix with as much crossover appeal as recent British records such as Skream’s Outside the Box and Magnetic Man’s self-titled.  Luvstep held the crow in its deep, bass-fueled sway for a full two hours.  The bass brought some kids to such heights of ecstasy that they were literally humping the speakers. At least one room full of people will be anxiously awaiting the new tape.  In the words of one reveler, arms spread wide and head thrown back in genuflection before the altar of Luvstep, “these boys are the truth!”

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Photo Gallery: Cubic Zirconia at Mercury Lounge (February 9, 2011)

Cubic Zirconia kick off their winter tour with Machinedrum and Popo.


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