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Good Times Featuring Carl Craig & Sebo K at Good Units

This Friday, Basic NYC welcomes two of electronic music’s premiere artists to New York for the debut of their new party Good Times, taking place at the Hudson Hotel’s downstairs space Good Units. Representing the two cities of Detroit and Berlin, Planet E’s Carl Craig will be headlining the event with support from Mobilee’s Sebo K, the first time these two luminaries have shared the decks together in the Big Apple. The name of this event says it all – Good Times is a party all about good music, good people and having a great time together on the dancefloor.

Joining the artists will be Basic NYC’s resident DJs and founders Sleepy & Boo, who celebrated their 7th anniversary this Spring of presenting top-notch events and music in New York. Good Times will take place at various venues throughout the city, and will not be anchored to any one particular sound or style. Also on the lineup is Michael Vieira, the founder of the Greater > Than events and a regular fixture on the decks at Cielo. Warming things up are Roman Chamomile and Lucas PM, two of the newer faces on New York’s underground scene.

2011 has been a banner year for Detroit’s visionary DJ, producer and label boss Carl Craig. All year long he is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Planet E, his genre-crossing label that has been his primary outlet for two decades. At the 2011 Movement Festival, he debuted the live performance of 69, his artist alter ago – it was 69’s “Jazz Funk Classics” release that first put Planet E on the map and declared that Carl Craig was going to be charting his own, unexpected path as an artist. Craig’s headlining set on the Vitamin Water main stage on Sunday was one of the festivals highlight performances. In recent years Craig has collaborated with artists including Luciano, Moritz Von Oswald and Francesco Tristano, and Amp Fiddler – and he continually pushes the boundaries of everything he does.

Aficionados of cutting edge European sounds are intimately familiar with the Mobilee Records camp, headed up by Anja Schneider. Sebo K is one of the label’s stalwarts, an accomplished producer and DJ who bridges the gap between contemporary sounds with classic deep and techno vintage grooves. Outside of Mobilee, his music has appeared on revered labels including Get Physical, Cecille, Tsuba and many more, where his credo is quality over quantity.

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Copenhagen Distortion June 1-5

This June 1-5, Copenhagen’s infamous Distortion Festival will once again take over the downtown streets, bars, cafes, clubs, and more of the beautiful Danish capital. Copenhagen Distortion is a celebration of street life and club culture, and is Old Europe’s craziest annual party cavalcade, orchestrating 101+ parties in 101+ different locations with 101+ different hosts. Distortion includes massive block parties during the day that take place in the streets for free until the sun sets; and the awesome Club Clash events, late at night, in spectacular Copenhagen locations.

Every day from 4pm to 10pm, Distortion gathers 20,000 – 40,000 people who are partying, breakdancing, cooking, getting naked, singing and crawling in the streets, for a massive block party. It’s FREE – and it takes place 5 days in a row in 5 different Copenhagen neighbourhoods. A little like London’s Notting Hill Carnival and Barcelona’s Sonar By Day, except with Copenhagen’s uber edgy Scandinavian city vibe.

By night from 10pm to 5am, is Club Clash. A festival all-access “TurPas” is affordable, the drinks are incredibly cheap, and the parties are complete madness, with Europe’s club maestros hosting and organizing the events, and an army of fevered party animals attending them… and a few nice kids just hanging around.

Check out the video below for a taste of what the festival is like.

DISTORTION FESTIVAL COPENHAGEN from Anders Hemmingsen on Vimeo.

This year’s line-up includes: Acid Washed, Matias Aguayo, Stretch Armstrong, Ben UFO, Morten Breum, Camo & Krooked, Crookers, Brian DeGraw, Laurel Halo, Hey Today!, Hot Chip (DJ set), Mathew Jonson, Kenny Larkin, Michael Mayer, Nisennenmondai, Theo Parrish, Prins Thomas, Sany Pittbull, Schlachthofbronx, Superpitcher, Tim Sweeney, Seth Troxler, DJ Umb, Uproot Andy, Josh Wink, and many, many more.

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Trouble & Bass at Music Hall of Williamsburg June 11

Touble & Bass and Powerline Productions are teaming up to bring you a basstastic evening June 11th. The event is being described as “A night of low frequency carnage and dance floor decimation.” Music Hall of Williamsburg will be hosting 5 unforgettable acts: Deathface, Prince Terrence, The Captain, Mexicans with Guns, and Murdertronics. Come join us as we kick off the summer with Trouble & Bass. Doors open at 9 and the show is 18+. We are giving away a pair of tickets to one lucky winner, just fill out the form below to enter. If you want to be on the safe side, advanced tickets for $10 can be purchased here.

[form 62 "Trouble & Bass 6/11/11"]

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Photo Gallery: Mawazine Day 9 Featuring Shakira

The final day of Mawazine in Rabat featured the international pop star Shakira, whose voice (and booty shaking) have become household names all over the world. Hailing from Columbia, Shakira expressed that she’d always felt a certain connection to Africa, and was highly influenced by the rhythms and styles of Arabic music. She put on an explosive performance, featuring a full live band, interactive bits and multiple costume changes, in true pop star fashion. The Soussi stage area was completely packed, with even the VIP and press areas so full that any movement was impossible. She performed many songs in Spanish, appealing to the international vibe of the festival, as well as her bigger English language hits such as “Whenever, Wherever” and “She Wolf”.

Check out the full photo gallery HERE.

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Photo Gallery: Mawazine Day 8 Featuring Lionel Richie

Day 8 of Mawazine featured the legendary pop icon Lionel Richie, who took to the stage to resounding cheers from the most packed Soussi stage yet. Lionel certainly hasn’t lost any of his charisma, and this shone through bright and clear in his cheerful and energetic show, which was truly the ultimate performance. He continuously paused to speak to the audience, working them up and keeping them engaged throughout the whole performance. He delivered songs both old and new, including “Hello” and “Say You Say Me”. He closed out the show at the end of the second encore with “All Night Long”, keeping the audience singing along until the very last note.

Check out the full photo gallery HERE.

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Photo Gallery: Mawazine Day 7 Featuring Joe Cocker

Day 7 of Mawazine featured rock & roll legend Joe Cocker, best known for his gritty voice that, during the 60′s in particular, took the world by storm. Although the man has definitely aged a few years since then, his passion and spunk remain, and it was impossible to not be swept up in the spirit of the performance. We were thoroughly convinced by the soul behind his sound, as no glimmer of pretense or falsity appeared anywhere in his mannerism. Noteworthy tracks included “Up Where We Belong”, “You Are So Beautiful”, and “Come Together”, which he played just as we were leaving, causing us to whip around and run back in.

Check out the full photo gallery HERE.

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Sonar 2011: Survival Guide

While attending a summertime festival in a foreign city is one of the most wonderful experiences anyone remotely interested in music could have, it can also be a bit overwhelming, particularly for first-timers. It’s hot, it’s loud, it’s crowded, and you’ll most likely see very little of your bed, or shower for that matter. Sonar is precisely one such festival, spanning 3 days and nights simply brimming with sunshine, colorful clothing, cheap beer, massive dance floors, and incredible beats. As avid participants in last year’s festivities and regular festival attendees, we’ve thrown together a bit of a survival guide for those of you looking for some guidance. Read on and learn from our past mistakes…

Stay somewhere near MACBA, which is wear Sonar by Day is located. Staying somewhere within walking distance is hugely beneficial so you’re able to take breaks, and pop in and out as needed as Sonar allows re-entry. The area is also brimming with cafes, bars, and shops, which are great for the period between Sonar by Day and Sonar by Night.

Don’t be afraid to take public transportation. Barcelona has an extensive metro system that is easy to understand, even if you don’t speak Spanish. Be advised though that the metro closes at midnight on weekdays. The bus system is also extremely effective, and both of these modes can be used to easily get from the city center to Sonar by Night, which is located outside of the city. Cabs are also frequent around the Sonar areas as well as throughout downtown, and are relatively affordable if the fare is split between a few friends.

Remember to eat! Sonar by Day and by Night both have a variety of options that are affordable, as well as full bars. The downtown area where by Day is located also offers plenty of options, from cheap cafes and take-out to more expensive and touristic restaurants.


  • Something light, comfortable, and colorful to wear. It’s hot, and you’re going to be constantly on the go, so overly fussy ensembles quickly get irritating. With that said, don’t be afraid to wear something bright and silly!
  • Comfortable shoes for dancing that you don’t mind dirtying. Boots, sneakers, or comfortable sandals are great. Seriously girls, leave the heels at home.
  • Suncreen and sunglasses. You’re on the Mediterranean in June.
  • Painkillers and vitamins. Trust me, your body will thank you.
  • Anything you need to keep you going. Water, snacks (energy bars are awesome), rolling papers, lighters, cigarettes, gum, etc.
  • Anything that seems interactive and fun! Facepaint, bubbles, glowsticks, flower chains, etc. You get the idea.

Pace yourself! The festival is 3 days and 2 nights, and that’s if you don’t partake in any Off-Sonar events. It’s tempting to get completely swept up as soon as you set foot on the grounds Thursday afternoon, but try to take it slow. You’ve got a long ways to go, friends.

If you feel up to it, try to hit up an Off-Sonar party.  During the entire week, prominent artists from around the world flock to Barcelona, even if they’re not playing at the official festival. Many clubs and hotels host these artists for label showcases, beach parties, and other events that are equally as awesome as Sonar itself. Check the Off-Sonar Facebook page, and the Barcelona event listings on Resident Advisor for listings that are consistently being added as Sonar draws closer.

Don’t overload yourself. You’re going to have to carry everything around with you, from stage to stage and through the streets. That extra sweater? Leave it.

If you’re in a group, buy a few prepaid mobile phones. You will inevitably get separated from one another, and it’s beyond helpful to be able to achieve contact across festival grounds. The cheapest prepaid phone costs around 10 Euros, and you can buy minutes from most ATMs, small bodega-like stores, and street news vendors. Phones can be purchased at any electronics store in one of the shopping centers around Barcelona, or at a smaller Vodafone location, although these are a bit more expensive.

Rest up beforehand. It’s hard work partying all day, all night, and into the morning, and if you’re anything like us you’re not going to want to miss anything and will therefore not be getting much sleep.

DO talk to strangers. Make friends, lend a hand, share your water / papers / facepaint, and RELAX. People from all over the world attend this festival, and at least for the weekend, you’ve got yourself 80,000+ new people to play with.

If anything goes wrong, dial 112. This is the European version of 911, and you can dial it from any phone, including international phones, prepaid phones that have run out of minutes, and of course regular Spanish phones.

Most importantly, have fun! We’ll see you in June under the Spanish sun…

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Join us for #SWAG Memorial this Monday at One Last Shag

We know #SWAG is one of the most overused hashtags in social media history. That’s why in March 2011, #SWAGFUNERAL was created, to eradicate the pandemic with a collective of artists coming together for the sole purpose of throwing an event so epic that #SWAG would cease to exist. Set in an artist loft in Williamsburg, all was well…until the cops showed up before the peak of the festivities. While #SWAGFUNERAL had abruptly ended, the damage wasn’t done, as the person who gave #SWAGFUNERAL a proper venue was given a $1500 fine. That ain’t right. Which is why after many weeks of particular planning and careful curating, #SWAGMEMORIAL is happening.

This time it will be different, as the always-welcoming people at Percussion Lab are helping out the cause by collaborating with us, by having the event at One Last Shag (formerly Sweet Revenge) in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. We’re not the only ones helping out, as the event is presented by our friends Asian Dan, Bassfaced, and The Culture Of Me. Also, Sixpoint will providing refreshments all day. Along with this being an ultimate solution to end the #SWAGDEMIC, it’s also happening (coincidentally enough) on Memorial Day, meaning the back area at One Last Shag will be open and ready for partying. There will be a Tiki Bar on-site as well as a grill for anyone who wants to grill their choice of meats (or whatever vegans consume).

Lastly, there will a bevy of amazing artists providing tunes throughout the day and into the night; along with Percussion Lab Residents Dave Q (Twisup, Dub War NYC) and Sepalcure (Hotflush), there will also be stellar DJ sets from Liondub, MeLo-X, Spectacal, BFG (from Body Language) as well as special live sets from special guests Eliot Lipp, Mux Mool, and Azealia Banks.

To help end this, we look towards any patrons to contribute $5 for entry to the event, to help out our friend to deal with his $1500 fine.

#SWAG be gone. It’s time to go out in a blaze of glory.

PS – Diddy, stop stealing OUR #swag. Thanks.

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Contest: Win Tickets to Doplar Sensebox at House of Yes this Saturday

This Saturday, beneath the sky ascending arial ceilings at House of Yes, guests will navigate a maze of senses. Each area of the venue will be designated towards a certain sense. The theme, a surprise, the space, yours. Over 20 artists will participate, ranging from eating design, performance, visual, music, and scent installations. There will be custom-made flavor pairing food served.

The lineup consists of freshly signed to Wolf + Lamb duo, Voices of Black, bringing some deep house, and splashes of funk to their productions. This unique experience also calls for an exclusive dj set between Paul Sara, and Valentin Stip both under Nicolas Jaar’s  Clown and Sunset label. All the way from Paris comes, young, vibrant Clara3000 a chick who has spun along some of French’s best, such as Cassius, Justice, Busy P and others. Finally and not the least are Dj Eck$, and Liv Colonel, both New York bases djs mixing sensual, funky, fun and dancy tracks.

Advance tickets can be purchased here for $10, and $15 at the door. First 200 participants will receive one free paleta from La Newyorkina,

We are giving away two tickets to this event. Simply fill out the form below and we will pick a winner at random.

[form 61 "doplar"]

For more information visit preview more on what will be in the event.

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Stream the New Black Lips Full Album for Free!

Today, the Black Lips are allowing their followers to stream their new album, Arabia Mountain, in full on Grooveshark. The band self produced this album with help from the legendary Mark Ronson and Lockett Pundt (of Deerhunter). The album officially drops on June 7, and the band will be hitting the road shortly thereafter. Make sure you catch them live at the Bowery Ballroom on July 29th, or in a city near you.

Click here to stream Arabia Mountain.

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