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ReSolute & Basic Celebrate Labor Day Weekend at The Palms

Take an abandoned bank in Long Island City, turn it into a sprawling outdoor pool club, and add two of techno music’s most innovative DJs. That’s what’s going down on Friday, September 2nd, when ReSolute and Basic team up for a one-off event in one of New York’s most unique – and very temporary – event spaces. They’re kicking off Labor Day weekend with a thunderous double-header of dark and driving techno as Stockholm’s Joel Mull and Southampton’s Alan Fitzpatrick – both standouts of the amazing Drumcode label – come to Long Island City to play at The Palms. It’s a pool party, it’s a dance party, it’s a celebration of everything that’s great about New York in the waning days of summer, and we can’t wait for all of it.

Housed in a former bank, just around the corner from PS1, the Palms evokes an Art Deco-era Floridian beach club, with three “dumpster pools” parked in the backyard for swimming, alongside food trucks, ping pong tables, photo booths, hula hoops and loung chairs galore. Inside, the building itself has been turned into a disco, with a pumping sound system and a massive bar. The venue, created by the 3rd Ward and the Danger camps, with music curated by Mean Red, is only open through Labor Day weekend, and is already drawing huge weekend crowds looking to get their swim on. This is the perfect opportunity for the techno heads to come see a truly unique party spot.

Our artists for this event are two of techno’s most dynamic DJs and artists. Swedish techno stalwart Joel Mull is an artist known for exploring the interplay between the dark and the light, a producer whose tracks attract discerning DJs looking for something beyond the ordinary. He has been plying his trade for over a decade, with releases on Drumcode, Truesoul,  Cocoon, Jericho and many more. Joining him – in his New York debut – is quite simply one of techno’s most exciting new artists: the UK’s Alan Fitzpatrick. He is a prolific producer who does not shy away from dark and twisted peak-hour techno, with his 8 Sided Dice label and his acclaimed “Shadows in the Dark” LP on Drumcode focusing on the harder end of the spectrum.

The lineup is rounded out by Basic NYC’s Sleepy & Boo, who are co-presenting this party with the ReSolute crew. Representing ReSolute is NYC favorite Connie, whose sets are always a highlight of their parties, and at the myriad of other events she is featured at in the city.

Joel Mull – Klangfarben

For advanced tickets, click HERE.

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Electric Zoo Artist: Richie Hawtin (Plastikman)

Spastik- Plastikman (Dubfire Rework)

Richie Hawtin’s reign as one of the world’s best DJs dates back to the year 1990. Over the last twenty years, he has won numerous awards: Greatest DJ of All Time, Best International DJ, Best Techno DJ, Best Live Act (Plastikman), Best DJ Innovator, and Best New Media Work. In the early 90’s he was an influential part of Detriot techno’s second wave of artists. By the mid-90’s, he was the leading figure of Minimal Techno and was best known for his abstract, minimal works under the alias Plastikman, a pseudonym he still uses today. Hawtin was at the forefront of incorporating laptops and digital mixing equipment into his live sets.

At the age of nine, Richie’s family moved across the pond, from England to LaSalle, Ontario (right across the river from Detroit). His father was a robotics technician and a knowledgeable fan of electronic music. Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream were often played in the Hawtin household. Richie began DJing in the Detroit clubs at the ripe age of 17 with a young palate that mixed house and techno.

With Canadian DJ John Acquaviva, he formed the label Plus 8 in 1990 to release his own tracks under the name F.U.S.E. He spent part of 2002 and 2003 living in New York City, and has since moved to Berlin, Germany. He said,

“I’d always wanted to move to Europe. I needed somewhere that was inspiring and where there were like-minded musicians and artists, somewhere you could still experiment with music and with life. Berlin is so liberal in so many different ways; there’s an amazing club scene, there’s a great development software tech scene, there are so many resources here.”

Since then, Hawtin has released music under aliases: Plastikman, F.U.S.E., Concept 1, Forcept 1, Circuit Breaker, Robotman, Chrome, Spark, Xenon, R.H.X., Jack Master, Richard Michaels, and UP!.

In 2010, Hawtin decided to bring Plastikman back into the public.

“I’ve watched a lot of live electronic shows recently and was really uninspired. Like any genre, techno has become quite commercial now that it’s got so huge. I felt it needed something heavier, darker and more intense [so I resurrected Plastikman].”

Though many of Plastikman’s tunes are 15+ years old, there is still a timelessness to them. Spastik and Helikopter still sound far ahead of today’s mire of minimal techno.

“I think I occupy this weird position between being popular and underground,” Richie continues. “I didn’t want this to be just some underground thing because what I want to achieve needs to work on a larger scale. This is why I’ve had a so called “schizophrenic year”. I’ve been alternating between the two personae of Plastikman and DJing as Richie Hawtin.”

Richie Hawtin has gone on step further to enhance his live set by created a new (free) iPhone/iPod app called SYNK. This is an experiment in audience-performer interaction, blurring the lines of perception and participation. SYNK users will participate in an experiment in audience-performer interaction aiming to blur the lines of perception and participation. They will connect to the PLASTIKMAN Wi-Fi network available at each show, and after being notified by a vibration triggered by certain moments in the performance, be able to contribute and interact by reorganizing word samples, viewing the venue from the Plastikman perspective, and seeing the realtime programming of the drum and percussive elements and effects. Be sure to download this app before hitting the Zoo Plastikman will be playing at the Zoo on Friday and Richie Hawtin will be performing on Sunday. Get excited! And Click here for more info about the iPhone/iPod app.

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Contest: Win Tickets to the Trouble & Bass Fifth Anniversary at Webster Hall

As you must know by now, we’re super excited for the Trouble & Bass Fifth Anniversary Party. For the occasion, the Trouble & Bass Crew will take over Webster Hall on September 16, with a live performance by Drop the Lime and DJ sets by AC Slater, Star Eyes, The Captain and special guest Plastician.

As promised, we’re giving a way a pair of tickets to the event. There are two ways to enter: fill in the form below, and double your chances to win by sending THIS MESSAGE via Twitter. You must be following both @hificartel and @troubleandbass to be eligible. The contest will close on Monday, September 5 at midnight. Winners will be chosen at random and notified via email or direct message. Good luck!

[form 64 "T&B 5yr"]

Thanks for entering the contest! You will receive an email confirming your entry.

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10 Minutes with Henry Saiz

Last Wednesday, Spanish producer and DJ Henry Saiz stopped by Bar 13 as part of his Balance 019 tour. He paused to chat with us for a few minutes before his set about his passion for emotional sound, his live performance, and what’s next for both himself and his label. Read on to learn more.

☞ HiFi Cartel: You’re known for not simply playing dance music, but creating productions that are a combination of your passion for art and your desire to evoke emotion. How do you translate this intention into music?

☞ Henry Saiz: That’s a very difficult question. When you’re composing or creating music, you’re always expression emotion. Depending on what you’re feeling it then becomes darker or more pop-like, etc. I guess I just need to make music, so I just sit down in front of the computer and go with the flow. It’s very hard to explain the process of translation because it’s very abstract work.

☞ HFC: Is it an organic process that occurs, or do you have a concept or idea beforehand that you then try to craft around?

☞ HS: I really need to work with a concept, because otherwise you run the risk of just going along with what the computer tells you. If you hear a sound and you follow it through the computer, then the computer is telling you what to do, so you need to take control of the situation. You have to prepare something and work in collaboration with the machine.

☞ HFC: Do you feel the same way about live performance? Do you craft a concept beforehand?

☞ HS: To play music for other people is all about sharing emotions and sharing the message you have with the audience. It depends very much on the vibe of the place and factors that are out of your control. You have to take stock of how the night is going and go with that. The challenge is to bring people into your sound, and your message.

☞ HFC: How did this then translate into your crafting of Balance 019?

☞ HS: It was a little different because the series is classic; very important. There are so many big names that have done it that I really respect, so the challenge was to make something that could really live up to the others. I thought that these days there are a lot of podcasts and radio sets, so you really have to do something different when you’re making a CD. I therefore tried to do something really exclusive, with about 90% of it being unreleased. It’s more of a mixture before an album and a DJ set. I just tried to do something really, really special that is a journey; something that you can listen to from beginning to end and feel something very intense afterward.

☞ HFC: Is that something that you look for in other artists on your label as well? That kind of uniqueness, and ability to evoke emotion?

☞ HS: Yes, I don’t think about music in terms of style like techno or house. I just take the emotions away; if it’s honest or pure I connect with it. I started with the label in 2007 and it’s continuously growing. I’m always doing things with new people; new artists and producers that have something fresh and interesting to say. I’m also collaborating with big names, but I have my little family there. I take care of almost everything with the label myself, it’s all about the art and sharing music with people.

☞ HFC: What are you currently working on as an artist?

☞ HS: I’m doing an EP for Bedrock’s, John Digweed’s label’s, 100th release that will feature a lot of great remixes from big names. I also have a new aka, Hal Incandenza, which is more disco house inspired. The Hal Incandenza tracks on Balance 019 are actually the first to be premiered. I’m going to work with a couple of disco related labels in Europe, and after this tour I’m going to focus on creating my proper artist album. I’m also doing an album with my band, which is kind of a mixture of Pink Floyd and electronica.

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Electric Zoo Artist: Calvin Harris

The Scottish understand and promote good electronic music when they hear it. Boards of Canada (Mike Sandison and Marcus Eoin), Kode9, Helen Marnie (lead singer of the group Ladytron), and Calvin Harris all hail from the land of bagpipes and kilts. Though none of these artists can be classified into the same sub-genre, each of their distinguishing timbres  are widespread and infectious to the ear.

NYC residents are going to be graced by Calvin Harris’ presence in the next week at the Electric Zoo Festival on Randall’s Island. If you are unfamiliar with Calvin’s sound and/or back-story, may I suggest you press “play” on the embedded track following this sentence and continue reading.

Merrymaking At My Place- Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris’ (born Adam Richard Wiles) 80′s infused electroclash sound bleeds New York City. It should come as no surprise that when growing up, the art of sound came naturally to Adam. In previous interviews, he has described himself as an antisocial and introverted adolescent who retreated to his private youthful labyrinth where he would dabble in the making of electronic music. The more time he spent in his room, the more music he composed, and the more his sound matured.

The years rolled into 2006 which turned out to be monumental in Calvin’s development. Luckily, he was one of those artists who gained notoriety on MySpace (remember those days?) and shortly thereafter signed contracts with EMI (publishing) and Sony BMG (recording).

Harris’ first album I Created Disco was released on June 29th, 2007. Punk, 80′s synthpop, new wave, and electronic dance music all fused together to concoct the albums sound. To promote I Created Disco, Harris embarked on a tour of the UK, supporting Faithless and the Groove Armada. Calvin was able to squeeze out four successful singles from the album: Vegas, Acceptable in the 80′s, The Girls, and Merrymaking At My Place.

This is the Industry- Calvin Harris

Harris went forward to drop his sophomore album Ready for the Weekend in 2009. He has also produced a number of songs for major industry talents such as: Katy Perry, Kelis, Kylie Minogue, and Dizzee Rascal. Ironically. Harris turned down the opportunity to work with New York sensation Lady Gaga. He stated:

“When Lady Gaga first came out, her name rang a bell, so I checked my emails – and it turns out that on January 1, 2008, I got an email asking to work with her. I thought, ‘Lady Gaga, what sort of name is that?’ So I replied saying, ‘Nah, I’m not into that.’ Fast forward a year and she’s the biggest thing. But I don’t regret turning her down as I didn’t think the song I heard then was that good.”

Harris has toured and worked with (but not limited to): Rihanna, Tiesto, LMFAO, Benny Benassi, Nero, Dillon Francis, and Afrojack.

Oy vey, and to think that this all stems from MySpace recognition. Calvin Harris is surely a force to be reckoned with. The recycled retro characteristics of his work are floating back into the present day atmosphere right on time, hipsters and swaggers alike are rejoicing world-wide. May his music speak for itself and we look forward to seeing him next weekend at the Zoo!

Acceptable in the 80′s- Calvin Harris

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Photo Gallery: Giant Step Presents Gilles Peterson at Cielo (August 18, 2011)

This past Thursday, we stopped by Cielo for the dynamic stylings of Gilles Peterson. If the diverse audience at the venue were to serve as a representation of Gilles’ music, then it would be right on point.

Spinning both records and CDs, Gilles Peterson swung back and forth with layers of music and beats, playing with tempo as he created infusions of electric rhythms. These concoctions were all then overlayed with variations of classical music, samba, and jazzy riffs and served to the eager audiece that had gathered on that stormy night at Cielo.


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In:Motion (bristol’s underground music season)

Bristol In:Motion has announced the line-ups for its epic series of parties happening between October and December 2011.

Taking place at the hefty club space at Motion skate park, the series sees the city’s biggest and best promoters, as well as crew from further afield – including Hessle Audio, Bugged Out!, FWD/Rinse, Field Day Night and Hospitality – each staging blow-outs over 15 consecutive Fridays and Saturdays.

Immediate stand-outs include FWD/Rinse‘s showcase with Zinc, Plastician, Roska and he mighty EZ, Shit The BED!‘s bass bash with Caspa, Dark Sky, Ms Dyamite and Redlight, Field Day Night‘s Erol Alkan and Hudson Mohawke double-header, BLOC‘s serving of Martyn, Joker, Nathan Fake and James Holden, Futureboogie‘s celebration of deep house with Henrik Schwarz, Julio Bashmore, Maya Jane Coles and more, and Hessle Audio‘s presentation of Jamie xx, Pearson Sound and Jamie Woon (live).

The headliners as they stand are listed below. More information and tickets here.

Friday 7th October – Hospitality with Danny Byrd, High Contrast, Camo and Crooked, Netsky, Cyantific, MJ Cole, Dream, Mele, Tomb Crew, Kito, Loadstar

Saturday 8th October – BuggedOut! with Fake Blood, L-vis 1990 & the Neon Dream, Boy-8-bit, Heidi, Jamie Jones, Bowski, Pariah, Waifs & Strays, Untold

Friday 14th October – Shit the BED! Caspa, Dark Sky, Ms Dynamite, Redlight

Saturday 15th October – Hessle Audio Jamie XX, Pearson Sound, Jamie Woon – live

Friday 21st October – Blowpop DJ Yoda, Plump DJ’s, Krafty Kuts

Saturday 22nd October – FWD//Rinse Zinc, Ez, Plastician, Roska

Friday 28th October – Tokyo Dub Radical Guru, Jahtari & Soom T

Saturday 29th October – Just Jack Halloween Party Soul Clap, Tale of Us, Shaun Reeves, Midland

Friday 4th November – Annie Mac Presents…

Saturday 5th November – Gunpowder Plot Bonfire Night Party Smerins, Gentlemen’s Dub Club, Babyhead

Friday 11th November – Run Rusko, Andy C, Grooverider, Scratch Perverts

Saturday 12th November – Field Day Night Erol Alkan, Hudson Mowhawke

Friday 18th November – All Gone…with Pete Tong, Calvin Harris, Cadenza Showcase

Friday 25th November – BLOC Joker, Martyn, James Holden, Nathan Fake

Saturday 26th November – Futureboogie Henrik Schwarz, Julio Bashmore, Maya Jane-Coles, Bonobo

Friday 2nd December – Hardcore Heaven Darren Styles, Gammer, Evil Activities

Saturday 3rd December – Shit the BED Skream, Jack Beats – live, Arab Musik

Friday 9th December – Beardyman, Stanton Warriors, Tayo

Saturday 10th December – Cocoon Tiefschwarz, Dyed Soundorom, Oner Ozer

Check out this video from Ninja Tune XX at In:Motion 2011

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5th Annual BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen

The BPM Festival, Mexico’s biggest dance music festival, celebrates its blow-out 5th anniversary in Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya from December 30, 2011 to January 8, 2012. With a record-breaking 25,000 attendees in 2011, The BPM Festival 2012 promises to be even bigger and better, with a stellar artist lineup and lots of surprises in store for the fifth year of this world-class electronic music event.

Named one of MixMag’s 10 Best International Parties, BPM Festival 2011 saw 120 of the planet’s best DJs and producers playing day and night for 10 sun-drenched days in the beautiful Mexican Caribbean. White sand beaches, turquoise waters, and top talents like Damian Lazarus, Dubfire, Laidback Luke, Lee Burridge, Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Steve Angello, and Steve Lawler (just to name a few) make the BPM Festival a perfect winter getaway in one of the most spectacular beach locations on the planet.

The BPM Festival will be celebrating its fifth year anniversary on January 5th, 2012 with special parties and surprises taking place all over Playa del Carmen. In just a few short years, the BPM Festival has grown from an elite industry networking event into an international mélange of electronic music lovers, DJs, producers, revelers and partygoers — and it just keeps getting better. It’s no coincidence that BPM Festival 2012 coincides with the end of the Mayan calendar, a time to celebrate change and usher in a new era.

A limited number of super special advance sale priced 10-Day VIP wristbands are available now HERE. Be sure to stay tuned in the coming months for more news and line-up announcements!

Stream this podcast from Nick Curly, exclusively made for BPM Festival, and start dreaming of beats on the beach…

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Plastician Added to Trouble & Bass Anniversary Line-Up

This just in: Plastician will join Drop the Lime, AC Slater, Star Eyes and The Captain at Webster Hall on Friday, September 16 for the Trouble & Bass Fifth Anniversary blow-out.

In September, we’ll be giving away a pair of tickets to the show, BUT we highly recommend that you cop your advance tickets HERE – this will most definitely be a night to remember.

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Free Stuff: Afro-Punk Festival in Brooklyn August 27-28

Festival season may be winding down, but there’s still plenty to look forward to in the few weeks that remain. Case in point: Afro-Punk, a free festival coming to Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park the weekend of August 27-28.

In addition to the stellar line-up, which includes Santigold, Janelle Monae, Cee Lo Green, Toro Y Moi, Das Racist, Kenna, Gordon Voidwell, Dances with White Girls and Jillionnaire, Afro-Punk will host a skate competition and over a dozen food trucks. Sounds like a perfect afternoon in the park.

Did we mention it’s free? And easily accessible by subway? We’ll see you there.

More info on the line-up and location can be found HERE.

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