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Photos: Pusha-T at Gramercy Theater in New York City

Last Thursday night, Pusha-T delivered a high-energy headlining performance at Gramercy Theater in NYC. He performed songs from his latest EP, Fear of God II, as well as music by Clipse and his collaborations with Kanye West from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. He also announced Clipse’s upcoming release, slated for 2013.

Check out more pictures from his performance after the jump.

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Pusha-T coming to NYC’s Gramercy Theater this Thursday

This Thursday, Pusha-T will headline New York City’s Gramercy Theater in support of his new EP, Fear of God II.

While Pusha-T may be best known as one-half of acclaimed duo Clipse, and for his contributions to Kanye West’s hit song, “Runaway”, make no mistake, 2011 has been a huge year for the artist. He stepped out with his debut solo mixtape, Fear of God in March, and followed it up with a star-studded sequel, Fear of God II, released last month. The EP features the likes of Diddy, Kanye West, Pharrell, 50 Cent and Tyler the Creator.

Gramercy Theater is, in my opinion, one of the best venues in the city – don’t miss your chance to see Pusha-T in such an intimate setting. Openers include NinjaSonik, Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, Gilbere Forte, Emilio Rojas and Jasmine Solano. Get your tickets HERE.

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Contest: Win Tickets to MeanRed’s New Years Eve Bash!

Are you still scratching your head and trying to figure out where you will be counting down the final seconds of 2011? Well, if you’re looking an eve of epic festivities, look no further than to our friends at MeanRed.

MeanRed is gathering your favorite Brooklyn DJs to shake your inebriated bodies into the New Year. AND- you will be in Brooklyn, which means far far away from the horrific chaos of Times Square. Nick Cathdubs, Jubilee, Kaviar Disco Club, and Blue Jemz will be bringing the beats until the wee hours of morning. There will be a champagne toast and an open bar between 9-10 PM! The event is being held at Lorelely, Brooklyn’s best beer garden-turned-club! This event is only $20! So cheap for such great music and an open bar? How could you possibly resist?

Tickets for MeanRed’s New Years Eve event can be purchased online until 6pm the day of the show.

We’re also offering one lucky HiFi reader a pair of tickets to the event. Enter after the jump, the contest will close on Wednesday, December 28th at noon. Good luck!

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HiFi Cartel Holiday Ho-Down TONIGHT

Join us tonight as HiFi gets in the festive spirit with a free ho-down on one of coolest dance-floors in NYC. We are very excited to bring along two of our favorite DJs, Ital & Jubilee, to spin tunes for the night!

ITAL (100% Silk/Not Not Fun/Planet Mu]
_Formerly on 100% Silk and freshly signed to UK electronic staple Planet Mu, Ital’s stock has risen tremendously in the past year, bringing an invigorating live show to Brooklyn and beyond. Before he makes an even bigger splash in 2012, we’ve invited him to play some records at our little get-together.

JUBILEE [Grizzly/Nightshifters]
_While Brooklyn’s bass sweetheart has moved to the sunny state of Florida, she’s always got a lot of love waiting for her here. We welcome back one of our favorite DJs for this special holiday one-off.

HiFi Cartel Residents


The awesome folks at THE MONOCLE ORDER are working with us to bring you the freshest perspective on a party. One half sunglass pop-up, one half burning man vibes, we are so thrilled to be housed under their roof!

THIS EVENT STARTS EARLY @ 8pm with a photobooth and designer sunglass mixer followed by wicked tunes for the night!


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The Bloody Beetroots Bring Bass and Blitz to Terminal 5

Article By: Mark Dommu
Photos By: Jenna Gard

This Saturday night those of us looking to boogie made the irritatingly inconvenient trip to Terminal 5 (seriously, T5 is so out of the way) for HARD X MOUTH TAPED SHUT, a party in celebration of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The night promised to be a good one, with LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy opening for Italian electronic duo The Bloody Beetroots. I’m a long time Beetroots fan and have seen them spin several times, always waking up sore and happy the next day, so I went in with high expectations.

The event was 18 and over and free, which meant that about 80% of the crowd had black x’s on their hands. I wondered several times if HARD had been handing out flyers to NYU freshman in Washington Square Park. I’m also not sure how exactly the event had anything to do with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, aside from the fact that Rooney Mara’s head was everywhere…I guess that’s enough?

Proxy and Eye started out the evening, getting the initially small crowd dancing. When Proxy finished up the audience started calling eagerly for James Murphy, only to be met with a ridiculously long wait for his set. After about half an hour someone finally announced that there were technical difficulties and we were placated with Trent Reznor and Karen O’s cover of “Immigrant Song”, which debuted this summer with the first trailer for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

After an hour of oddly low-tempo filler music (one prolific teenager behind me commented that, “this music is not, like, nice”) Murphy finally appeared and rather halfheartedly apologized for the wait, citing problems with a turntable…or something. He promised the audience, “We’re gonna have as much fun as you can in a short period of time with your clothes on.”

He was…not exactly telling the truth. After such a long wait, Murphy’s set was rather anticlimactic. The set started off with a funky tribal beat that stayed smooth and easy and got everyone dancing. For the most part Murphy’s set sounded like Miami in the 70s, and also maybe the 90s. There were a few interesting moments throughout, one drawn out warping sounded like a spaceship taking off, but for the most part it was an altogether uninspired set and Murphy seemed to be disinterested in the whole affair.

Almost the second Murphy finished the crowd started chanting for the Bloody Beetroots, and the crowd went wild when they appeared. They started with a bang and tore relentlessly through a thrashing, thumping and glorious set. If you’ve never seen the Bloody Beetroots spin before than you are seriously missing out. It’s the kind of set that you have to flail and jump around too. I could feel the bass pounding in my chest, making my face throb with every pulse.

The Bloody Beetroots are certifiable bad asses and they also clearly care about their audience having a good time, They were invested in the crowd’s enjoyment, at one point coming out form behind the DJ booth to rev everyone up. The crowd was losing their shit, I was almost kicked in the head by three different crowd surfers and did not care.

The Bloody Beetroots definitely made the entire night worthwhile, and on the way home I kept thinking about alien’s in boat shoes dancing to James Murphy’s set…so there’s that. I did wake up the next morning sore and happy wit the thump-thump still pulsing in my head, so mission accomplished.

For Jenna Gard’s full photo gallery: click here

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Yelle Live at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

It was almost a year ago when I first caught wind of the French pop-star Yelle. The record label I was working for was promoting her new album “Safari Disco Club” and received hundreds of her albums and posters. I was immediately drawn to Yelle because she had a strong style resemblance to one of my favorite female rockers, Karen O. Upon first listen of her album I was sold. I do not speak French and did not understand a single word of what was going on, but I did know: it sounded happen, was impossible to not dance to, and was upbeat. Good enough for me.

The Music Hall of Williamsburg was sold out and filled with an ecstatic audience on December 9th. Yelle took the stage in her iconic ‘mop’ like body suit that could have come straight out of Christian Joy’s closet. Behind her GrandMarnier and Tepr had started playing their pop-heavy synth lines and warming the crowd up. Yelle burst out into song and the audience went nuts.

That night I was able to appreciate music as a universal language. Though I hear that saying often and it was a core principle in my college curriculum, witnessing the phenomena live brought the saying full circle. The mass majority of the audience didn’t speak French and could not sing along with Yelle. But everyone knew how to dance. Everyone knew how to hum along with the catchy melody lines. That ladies and gentleman is art.

Yelle stripped down to an ‘ode to America’ Budweiser onesie that could have been glued to her body. She yelled out, “My English is not very good and your French is not very good, but I love Brooklyn, and this has been my favorite show of this tour! Thank you!” I can’t tell you which songs were played but I can tell you that they were played well and with emotion.

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The Bloody Beetroots Will Be Taking NYC Tomorrow!

Looking to dance your ass off this weekend? This Saturday night the Bloody Beetroots will rock the shit out of Terminal 5 for HARD x MOUTH TAPED SHUT, an event celebrating the release of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The electronic duo will spin a DJ set, supported by James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem), Proxy and Eye. Surprisingly this show is FREE! All you need to do is RSVP! Unfortunately, the RSVP list is now full, but if you get to the venue early chances are high that you will be able to get in for free! Terminal 5 will be the place to be at 7 PM. See you there! For more information about the event, click here.

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Yelle Tonight at the Music Hall of Williamsburg!

Tonight, Yelle will be taking over the Music Hall of Williamsburg with Housse De Racket in towe. According to the rave reviews we have been reading left and right, both French pop-duos rocked Webster Hall last night. Yelle is fronted and named by Yelle, nee Julie Budet, a sparky gamine with a deceptively demure schoolgirl voice. Joined by producers GrandMarnier (Jean-Francois Perrier) and Tepr (Tanguy Destable), Yelle first arrived amid a flurry of 80′s inspired pop, with the likes of CSS and New Young Pony Club all revered for their take on brightly colored electro. Unfortunately tonight’s show is sold out, but we strongly suggest checking out Craigslist! Show starts at 9, doors open at at 8, see you there!

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Baths Brings Swooning Vocals and Electro Rhythms to Bowery Ballroom

Last Friday, the Bowery Ballroom played host to an eclectic mix of excitable fans who gathered to bask in the pop vocals and electro beats of Will Wiesenfeld as Baths.  Will, who has also released tracks under the Geotic and [Post-Foetus] monikers, has become just as well known for his affable onstage banter and humble regard for fans as for his high energy shows, and this night was no exception.

First up  was musician and producer Joel Burleson’s Ki:Theory.  Embodying cut-n-paste music at its best, Ki:Theory’s original songs and remixes alike got the early birds in the audience moving.  Joel kept the audience enthralled with his captivating stage presence, frequently moving back and forth from his laptop and equipment to center stage where he sang, dripping with sweat, to his glitchy, beat-driven tracks.  Overall a great pump-up to prepare the crowd for the following dance-filled hours to come.

As more of a crowd accumulated, Brooklyn-based Dinosaur Feathers hit the stage with a poppy set reminiscent of fellow New Yorkers Vampire Weekend.  With smiles throughout the set and song dedications to crowd members, the band seemed to be thoroughly enjoying their first show on the Bowery Ballroom stage.  Although less electronic-based than Ki:Theory, Dinosaur Feathers still managed to entertain the audience hungry for Bath’s danceable techno beats.  What stood out most was the band’s often acappella sounding vocals for which the keyboardist and both guitarists were invaluable.

The crowd spared no energy as charismatic Baths took to the stage after spending the beginning of the night manning his own merchandise table, chatting with fans, and setting up his onstage lights.  He began with “Apologetic Shoulderblades” off his 2010 debut Cerulean, a choice met by many approving screams and a dance party joined in by the entire crowd.  He continued his set incorporating tracks from this year’s Pop Music / False B-Sides with Cerulean hits like the sample-filled “Animals” and the woozily sung “Indoorsy.”  He also managed to bring in a few of his newer explorations that, although unkown to most of the audience, still integrated the effortless tension between his heartfelt melodic vocals and head-nodding frenetic rhythms we have come to love and expect.

Also expected was Bath’s repartee with the audience, yet he went further than simply feeding off their dynamic energy and throwing in playful comments like “these next two songs are really really gay” and “I’m a professional,” as he incorrectly prefeced his next song.  Weisenfeld, upon returning to the stage for his much welcomed encore, provided the audience with options and asked permission to play more than his alloted two last songs – jokingly yelling at his fans, “Okay I’ll play three, so no bitching when I’m finished, just go!”  Needless to say, the crowd was left satisfied as they began their journeys home.

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Ticketmaster Settlement Pays Us the Money They Stole

If you’ve used Ticketmaster’s fun-filled website to purchase tickets in the past twelve years your concert addiction will be getting some much needed help. Well ‘help’ like a slap on the face.

A proposed class action settlement will force Ticketmaster to credit $1.50 per ticket order (up to 17 orders) to customers due to the fact that they profited off of “processing fees”. Despite the max payout being a hefty $25.50 for avid concert-goers, the reality is that Ticketmaster is screwing you again. See this money is actually in the form of Ticketmaster “credits” which may only be used to purchase more tickets. Therefore not only are we getting chump charge for our fleecing but we are forced to pay these monopolizing criminals more money to even see a dime. Meanwhile the Counsel attorneys plan to ask for $16,500,000 awarded for attorneys’ fees and expenses. Seems fair. I say give it to us in quarters & one sock and let’s #occupyticketmaster.

Don’t expect to see your ‘money’ till May 2012 but if you would like to join the settlement CLICK HERE.

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