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HiFi Cartel presents Addison Groove, Doc Daneeka and Jubilee at Glasslands This Saturday

We at HiFi Cartel are excited to announce our upcoming event at Brooklyn’s Glasslands, featuring the likes of some proper badmen…and a badgyal. Stopping off in NYC as part of their Surefire Sound Spring Tour, we bring you the likes of Addison Groove (LIVE) and Doc Daneeka on April 28th. Opening up the night will be bass sweetheart and Miami-based producer/DJ Jubilee. Check out more info on the artists at the jump.

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Contest: Win Tickets to MeanRed’s New Years Eve Bash!

Are you still scratching your head and trying to figure out where you will be counting down the final seconds of 2011? Well, if you’re looking an eve of epic festivities, look no further than to our friends at MeanRed.

MeanRed is gathering your favorite Brooklyn DJs to shake your inebriated bodies into the New Year. AND- you will be in Brooklyn, which means far far away from the horrific chaos of Times Square. Nick Cathdubs, Jubilee, Kaviar Disco Club, and Blue Jemz will be bringing the beats until the wee hours of morning. There will be a champagne toast and an open bar between 9-10 PM! The event is being held at Lorelely, Brooklyn’s best beer garden-turned-club! This event is only $20! So cheap for such great music and an open bar? How could you possibly resist?

Tickets for MeanRed’s New Years Eve event can be purchased online until 6pm the day of the show.

We’re also offering one lucky HiFi reader a pair of tickets to the event. Enter after the jump, the contest will close on Wednesday, December 28th at noon. Good luck!

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Kraak & Smaak: Tonight at DROM

Wim Plug, Mark Kneppers and Oscar De Jong are the studio core of Kraak & Smaak. Their 80′s inspired disco funk vibrations resemble a hypothetical hybrid between Curtis Mayfield and Jamiroquai. After originally bonding over a slavish devotion to vinyl and a love for classic funk records, this trio went on to record their debut album, ‘Boogie Angst’. Picked up in the UK by Radio 1 and in LA by KCRW the band quickly acquired fans, especially in the Los Angeles TV and Film community. This led to their music being used in hospital chick show Greys Anatomy that in turn spiraled to widespread use in other films and shows.

2011 is the year that Kraak & Smaak will take center stage with the release of their third studio album, ‘Electric Hustle’. The first single, ‘Dynamite’, has already become the most added electronic record at American College Radio and the band debuted their new live show at Eurosonc Festival to a rapturous response ahead of a mad summer touring.

DJ magazine IDJ describes Kraak & Smaak as a “must see live band” and New Yorkers you are in luck! The trio will be performing live tonight at DROM. Admission is FREE until midnight with RSVP. Otherwise, admission is $10. You can RSVP here. Check out their video for ‘Squeeze Me’ below. See you tonight at DROM! 85 Avenue A (between 5th and 6th streets) 21+ with ID, doors at 10 PM.

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Deathrow Tull Melted Santos Party House

Friday night, the moon was out, and frost bitten air ran amuck through the desolate streets of Chinatown while organized chaos took place in the basement of Santos Party House. Deathrow Tull was at it again. The band was able to fill the basement to capacity on the first ‘winter’ night of the 2011 season. The bodily warmth of the packed audience was a delightful contrast from the horrific street cold. It was apparent that everyone was ready to absorb and engage in an energetic live show. The lights turned red as the band and crowd unanimously chanted “Deathrow Tull Will Kick Your Ass!” The chant bled into the first song of the set, and the eve kicked off with a bang.

Deathrow Tull is truly a Brooklyn gem. We are currently living in an age where new music constantly bombards and overwhelms us with options galore. More often than not, the easiest decision is to abandon the new and stick to what is familiar. However, after months of persuasion to give Deathrow Tull a chance by various adored music palates, I caved and immediately cursed my own self-deprivation. This group is unlike anything I listened to in a long while. The instrumentation consists of two white-male rappers, a stunning singer who’s face resembles Brandy but voice is a mix of an urban princess and angelic Goddess, a guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, and drummer. Together, they create unique funk/ska/punk/hip-hop tone that somewhat mirrors Sublime.

My mouth was on the floor as the set progressed. Soulful tunes like “You ain’t got the fire like I do” were balanced with the playful yet harmonious “We are your energy, we are your Friday night”. A bit of Bob Marley crept out of the group as they soulfully danced through “When the Revolution come” and the crowd be nuts as Deathrow closed with the White Stripes, “Seven Nations Army”.

Mid-set the band started to chant, “Deathrow Tull Ain’t Nuthin’ To Fuck With!”  From that statement alone, you might gather that Deathrow is some hardcore gangster group who likes to spit flow while pointing a middle finger towards the sky. And honestly, they can be that. But what is special about Deathrow is that they are more than that. This is a collective group of immensely talented musicians who melted the cold out of my Friday night. HiFi will keep you posted about their upcoming shows, and we highly suggest you go. Raw talent is not to be taken for granted, and it felt refreshing to get a healthy Friday night dose of it.

Click here for the full photo gallery.

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BALANCE 020 Mixed by Deetron

BALANCE 020, a two-disc compilation mixed by Sweden’s Deetron, will be out Tuesday, November 8. Featuring a selection of classics and lesser-known tracks, this mix seeks to prove that vinyl and digital mixing can coexist. As Deetron puts it, “This compilation is a celebration of the gorgeous format that is vinyl and a praise for the endless possibilities the digital world has to offer.” The track selection and structure of each of these two sublime mixes lovingly and carefully reflects that inherent choice of medium, while at all times reminding the listener why his highly accessible, humanistic sound is so widely cherished and embraced.

Balance 020 is an easy contender for the finest compilation of 2011. North American customers can head over to Balance Music’s online store to purchase BALANCE 020 on Tuesday.

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Contest: Win Tickets to Dark Disco & BEMF

This Saturday, MeanRed is bringing L-Vis 1990 for a special Pre-Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival dance session. This English visionary has been called a “true phenomenon;” with releases on Mad Decent and Sound Pellegrino, L-Vis 1990 started receiving his well deserved recognition for changing the face of underground club music. His incredibly unique style comes from his musical stew of post-modern tribal house and years of garage heritage. The musical stylings of Nick Hook and Dan Wender will also be in effect.

As always, this Dark Disco will be filled to the brim with inspirational surprises throughout the night. The Chinatown location will not be disclosed until the week of the event… think Dim Sum.

To make this even more fantastically mouth-watering, they’re offering a BEMF ticket special: attendees will be given the option of a $10 reduction on their BEMF tickets, for a limited time. This will be SOLD OUT as they have limited capacity on the dance floor between the egg rolls and dumplings. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

But that’s not all! We have a pair of tickets to give out that are good for BOTH Dark Disco AND BEMF, to one luck winner! The winner will be chosen at 12 noon on Saturday, so be sure you enter before then. Fill out the form below to enter.

[form 68 "Dark Disco & BEMF"]

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Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross Remix Major Lazer

Not familiar with Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross? You will be after hearing his remix of “Original Don,” the latest single from Major Lazer. The original was nothing to spit at, but given how complex the track is, it was begging to be remixed.

The Mad Decent labelmate responsible for this gem is Dexter Tortoriello, a producer out of Chicago. His take on the track highlights the synth, ups the bass, and peaks with an epic guitar solo. It’s somehow darker, and yet it feels perfectly suited to the club.

A digital EP, featuring this remix and other versions of “Original Don,” will be released November 1. Until then, you can stream the remix HERE.

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Are You Ready For CMJ 2011?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Summer has come to a close and the spicy scent of fall is thickly coating our deep, fine, east coast air. Bliss is effortless this season. Strolling through the West Village while sipping on a hot apple cider and watching the auburn leaves delicately make contact with the charcoal pavement is enough to make an infectious smile dance upon your face. Though the city is putting on a wool sweater, the music industry is about to shed its glitz and glam as world-wide raw talent infiltrates the isle of Manhattan for CMJ.

The HiFi Cartel has been blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of the CMJ Press scene for the past few years, as this is one of the most exciting ventures to take place in our homebase. Many refer to CMJ as the “SXSW of the North”. CMJ is short for College Music Journal, a music events and publishing company whose name has become iconic through their upcoming festival. The entertainment industry is about to takeover NYC between October 18th and 22nd. In five short days there will be over 1,300 artist performances and dozens of cutting edge inhibiting more than 80 of this city’s greatest venues, nightclubs, and theaters with over 120,000 fans, music industry professionals, college radio tastemakers, bloggers, press, filmmakers and musicians.

Though HiFi is well versed with the ins and outs of CMJ, I am not. A true virgin if you will, fresh blood to a familial scene. Intimidation fueled by excitement resonated throughout my body once I learned my name was on the press list. Now, I had to figure out how exactly I was going to navigate through CMJ 2011 while balancing a 9-5 job. CMJ’s schedule is any college student’s dream, but I refused to let my lack of a 16 credit schedule bog me down. If industry heads and musicians alike can make it work, so can I.

Panels, Music, Film. Those are the three official subdivisions of the festival. My nerd self was literally bouncing out of my office chair once the panels were announced. Any and every trend and current event within this beloved, eternally-changing industry is going to be discussed by the masterminds reacting to this change: licensing, film and music intergration, branding, DIY culture, social media, how to launch a start up, etc. If you have the opportunity to attend even one of these panels, I urge you to please take advantage of this opportunity. A list of recommended panels by CMJ can be found here.

You might feel overwhelmed by all of the acts and figuring out who and what you’re going to get to. Fear not. A list of all of the official CMJ shows can be found here. Also, shortly following this article, we are going to post a “CMJ LineUp” that will let you know what is going on where, from us to you. Another interesting factor on top of all this CMJ mania are the unofficial CMJ showcases. Fader Fort and Fools Gold are putting their best talent foot forward and having the kings and queens of their labels perform. These events are free, open to the public, and entrance is based solely on capacity.

I wouldn’t dare try to express the excitement felt through my clumsy words, but this is going to be an experience that will last me a lifetime, I’m sure. If you have any recommendations for HiFi, let us know!! We would love to be an audience member in your show and are looking forward to supporting our fans. Rest up, because once Tuesday hits, coffee and Redbull will most def become a part of your CMJ diet. Cheers.

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Concert Round Up: October 11-18

Tuesday, October 11th, RJD2 and Icebird, Brooklyn Bowl, Tickets $15
10 years! My god, that is a LIFETIME! I cant believe I have been making records on a national level for 10 years. In 1999, I was just making these little beats in my bedroom for release on an independent label. Fast forward to 2009, and I’m….making these little beats in my bedroom for release on an independent label. But when it all comes down to its most base level, the goal is still the same: to make a piece of music that is going to hopefully rearrange your brain, or at least provide some relief from real life for a moment or two. Icebird is a new group featuring RJD2 with Aaron Livingston. They recently completed an album together in a singer/producer collaborative fashion. Tickets

Wednesday, October 12th-22nd, Stop The Virgens, St. Ann’s Warehouse, Tickets $55
The Creators Project & St. Ann’s Warehouse presents Karen O in STOP THE VIRGENS. Co-created by Karen O & KK Barrett Music Direction by Sam Spiegel & Nick Zinner Directed by Adam Rapp Produced by The Creators Project An assault on the tragic joys of youth, fever dreams drenched in visual seduction, a cathartic spell spun through a cycle of nine songs. Tickets

Friday, October 14th, Trentemoller, Webster Hall, Sold Out
This Friday, October 14, Danish DJ, producer, and live musician Trentemøller returns to New York City to perform at Webster Hall with his full band. Trentemøller is known for his incredible innovation within the realm of electronic music and beyond, and now that his show has integrated live instrumentalists, vocalists, and striking visuals, he has taken the experience of seeing live music to a whole new level. Tickets

Saturday & Sunday, October 15-16, The Creators Project, DUMBO, Free with RSVP
The Creators Project is an ongoing global arts initiative dedicated to supporting musicians, artists and filmmakers who are using technology to push the bounds of creative expression. This October, The Creators Project will host an event series, featuring original works, major installations, musical performances, films, panels and workshops throughout DUMBO. More info. Free with RSVP. Musical performances by: ARCHWAY, Queen Sea Big Shark, The Field, A$AP Rocky + Clams Casino, Four Tet, Florence + The Machine, Nic Thorburn (from Islands, DJ Set), Tobacco Warehouse, Emicida, Teen Daze, John Maus, Yuksek, Atlas Sound, Company Flow, Justice (DJ Set), DJ Ravves + more, 55 Washingon, Optimo, Nosaj Thing  + jj and Koreless, Girl Unit, Juan MacLean (DJ Set).

Tuesday, October 18th, Smashing Pumpkins, Terminal 5, Sold Out
The Smashing Pumpkins have created one of the most acclaimed bodies of work in musical history and sold over 30 million albums. Formed in Chicago in 1988, they released Gish, their influential (and platinum) debut in 1991,
which was followed by more platinum and multi-platinum albums including the nine-time platinum Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness and the four-time platinum Siamese Dream as well as the platinum certified 1998 album Adore. In December 2009 The group’s BILLY CORGAN has said the band’s new music “harkens back to the original psychedelic roots of The Smashing Pumpkins; atmospheric, melodic, heavy, and pretty.”

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Amon Tobin Brings ISAM to Brooklyn Masonic Temple

October 25 and 26, Amon Tobin will be bringing his live show to Brooklyn Masonic Temple, integrating both his music and astounding visual display of 3D animation.

“The idea was to integrate myself, quite literally, into an audio and visual presentation of the album,” the Brazilian-born Tobin told Wired in an interview.

The live show will find Amon Tobin performing from within an intricate geometric hive. Ensconced within the 25-by-14-by-8-foot central cube, Tobin will use real-time projection mapping, generative imagery and audio-reactive elements to produce a brain-teasing electronic music performance with little in the way of precedent.

“The show isn’t about being a big flashy production,” said Tobin of the visual component, which was created by V Squared Labs and Leviathan. “It’s not giant walls of LEDs constantly flashing meaningless visual content at you until you puke. It’s completely unique and actually quite bizarre.”

Check out the full length trailer for ISAM HERE.

Both nights of Amon Tobin’s show at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple are unfortunately sold out, but we’ll be sure tell (and show) you how it goes!

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